Take Control of your Mac

Read Me First - Free 1 Hour seminar

1 Day

You don’t need years of training to get around on your Mac, but taking the time to learn a few key skills will pay off rapidly by increasing your efficiency and comfort as you carry out core tasks.

Yosemite - 1 Hour seminar

1 Day

Yosemite brings a bright, streamlined new look to OS X, changing some basic design elements, updating key apps, and integrating aspects of the OS X and the iOS experiences. Dig in with these nine great tips for getting the most out of your new operating system.

Pages - 1 Hour interactive class

1 Day

With Pages you can compose a letter, memo, report, novel, newsletter, brochure, flyer, and much more. Hidden behind its sleek and simple-looking exterior are a wealth of features and capabilities. It’s not hard to take control of them once you know where to look.

iCloud - 1 Hour interactive class

1 Day

iCloud is a (mostly) free collection of Internet services that helps you keep your data in sync across devices, share data with other people, and increase both security and convenience.

iOS 8 - 1 Hour Seminar

2 Days

The computing power of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch is roughly equivalent to that of a mainframe computer from just a few decades ago. Having all that power in your hand is great, but knowing how to use that power is even better. Here are a few important tips.

Apple Mail - FREE 1 Hour interactive class

1 Day

Mail is the email app built in to OS X. (There’s also a version for iOS that’s similar, but has fewer features.) It’s designed to be simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for pros. You can add as many accounts as you like to Mail, from providers such as iCloud, Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo,...

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