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Desire to learn about the power of Mac OS X Yosemite.

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This course is for Mac users who want to come up to speed on new Yosemite features.

Yosemite brings a bright, streamlined new look to OS X, changing some basic design elements, updating key apps, and integrating aspects of the OS X and the iOS experiences. Dig in with these nine great tips for getting the most out of your new operating system.

Topics: Yosemite's new look, Notifications, Spotlight, Safari's new features, Mail's new features, Messages' new features, iCloud Drive, Handoff, and AirDrop.

Control How Windows Zoom

The green button at the corner of each Finder window now expands the window to Full Screen. If you’d rather zoom it like in the old days, you still can: double-click the title bar or Option- click the green button.

Go Dark

If you get distracted by bright bits around the edges of your screen, use Dark Mode to dim the menu bar, Dock, and menus. Go to System Preferences > General and select Use Dark Menu Bar and Dock.

Use Spotlight to Launch Apps

Don’t bother digging through your Applications folder. Spotlight can find and launch an app with just a few key strokes. For instance, start typing disk utility and the app appears as the top hit. Press Return to launch it. If you love launching apps this way, check out LaunchBar or Alfred.

Exclude Files from Spotlight

If you’d rather Spotlight not show results from your super secret files or backup drive, go to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy. Drag the folder or disk you want to exclude onto the window, or click the plus button and navigate to the item.

Your Safari Buttons, Your Way

Did Apple forget to add all your favorite buttons to the Safari toolbar? There’s a quick fix. Choose View > Customize Toolbar and drag on the buttons you use the most to keep those commands at hand.

Share Safari Links

Safari helps you skip a few steps when you want to share a link to a Web page. Choose File > Share to display a menu with options like Facebook and Email. At the menu’s bottom, the new Recents list shows the names of people with whom you’ve shared recently. Choose a name to share the current link in the same way again.

Access iCloud Files in a Pinch

All is not lost when you want to get to an iCloud Drive file on a non-Yosemite Mac. Go to icloud.com, sign in, click iCloud Drive, and use the Web interface to upload or download files. Using a PC running Windows 7 or later? Download Apple’s iCloud for Windows app.

Make Calls from Your Mac

With Yosemite and an iPhone running iOS 8+ (both signed in to the same Apple ID in FaceTime), you can make calls from your Mac. FaceTime tracks recent calls in its Audio tab. Click the phone button next to a person’s name to call again. Or, type a phone number into the field to call directly. To “dial” a phone number on a Web page, select it and then hover your pointer to reveal a drop down menu. Use it to make the call.

AirDrop with Older Macs

Want to share with an older Mac that doesn’t appear in your AirDrop window? Click the “Don’t see who you’re looking for?” link, and then click the Search for an Older Mac button. Older Macs must have Wi-Fi hardware that supports AirDrop, too.

Companion ebook: Yosemite: A Take Control Crash Course, by Scholle McFarland

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