Free eBook – Taking Control of Your Online Privacy

Thank you for attending our Take Control of Your Online Privacy class. By filling out our survey and telling us your thoughts on this class you will get a free copy of Taking Control of Your Online Privacy eBook shown on the right.

Taking Control of Your Online Privacy Survey

In the ebook, author Joe Kissell helps you understand what to expect about online privacy and develop a sensible online privacy strategy, customized for your needs. He then explains how to enhance the privacy of your Internet connection, Web browsing, email messages, online chatting, social media interactions, and file sharing, as well as your mobile phone or tablet, and Internet of Things devices like webcams and thermostats. To bring home the most important privacy no-nos, Joe also encourages you to take The Pledge (it’s tongue-in-cheek, though it would have saved numerous politicians from ridicule). Plus, parents will find important reminders about protecting a child’s privacy.

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