Whether you are a new Mac user or a seasoned one, there are always fun and productive things to learn that make using your Mac even more enjoyable. Here are just a few of them:

1) Receive text messages on your Mac:

With the addition of the Messages app, integrating an iPhone with your Mac was a seamless process and relatively painless. It’s only drawback, however, was that Messages on a Mac could only receive messages from other people using Messages on their Apple devices. Since SMS Text messages were only received on your iPhone, it became inconvenient to track where any given message was stored.

As part of the Yosemite’s new Continuity feature, Apple took care of this problem by adding Text Message Forwarding to the iPhone. This new feature allows you to send and receive SMS text messages on a Mac, iPad, or even an iPod Touch – even if the sender does not possess an iPhone or another Apple device.

This function is incredibly easy to enable: First, login to the Messages app on each device. Then on your iPhone go to Settings > Messages  >  Text Message Forwarding and  enable each device you want SMS text messages forwarded to. Now, enjoy seamless messaging on your Mac!

2) A few quick keyboard functions to know about:

  • command + shift + 3 = takes a screenshot of your screen and places the file in the Pictures folder
  • control + command + d = Spotlight also functions as a dictionary and can tell you the definition of the word when highlighted in a text or application.
  • command + shift + v = helps paste text without keeping the original format, which means less formatting.
  • command + space bar = opens up Spotlight

3) Spotlight also functions as a calculator and a unit converter:

Spotlight is often ignored by many, citing it as useless or unnecessary. However, it happens to be incredibly useful and a streamlined way of finding documents without having to do the major grunt work. Spotlight also has other hidden talents and uses though: it can be used a calculator for complex questions and see if findings are correct, as is the same for unit conversion. Spotlight serves as continually useful resource for finding documents and music within files, but also for its ability to do quick calculations.

To learn more about the Mac and other tips and tricks for using it, please do not hestitate to contact us. MacTech Solutions is your local Mac store.

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