Left-handedness is far less common than right-handedness. While there may not be many of them, being left-handed sure does come with some surprising perks!


Here are 11 facts about left-handers that you were probably unaware of:


1. It is estimated that 5-10 percent of the world population is left-handed.


2. Left-handers use the right part of their brain.


3. Left-handed people are great in many sports, particularly tennis, baseball, boxing, and swimming.


4. More than 40 percent of the most famous tennis players are left-handed.


5. Left-handers are better in seeing clearly underwater compared to right-handed individuals.


6. Left-handers are late-bloomers, which means that they reach puberty five months later than right-handers.


7. Animals can also be left-handed ( left-pawed). How cool is that?


8. Currently, there are more than 30 million left-handers in the U.S.


9. Due to their ability to process information more rapidly, left-handers experience emotions differently than right-handers.


10. Left-handed individuals are great in mathematics, spatial awareness, and architecture.


11. Left-handers have their special day! August 13th is the International Left-Hander’s Day. 



Happy International Left-Hander’s Day. Tag a lefty you know!

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